Lyft $5 off Each of Your First 2 (or More) Rides

Get $5 off each of your first 2 Lyft rides. To accept, use code MAGICBUNNY or click here to sign up. 

Mr. Bunny is providing this offer for free.  He would love for you to leave a review on his Facebook page once you use your promo code.  This helps us help other customers!

Follow the steps below to redeem your code for Lyft.

Step 1:

Enter your phone number and click the pink “Download & Claim” button.  A link to download the app will be sent to your phone.  You should see a screen similar to the one below.

 Step 2:

After installing the app, tap the button in the upper-left corner of the app. Tap “Promos,” then enter code MAGICBUNNY in the coupon code box. Finally, tap “Apply.”

Step 3: 

After you enter it, order your ride.  Enjoy! 

Terms and conditions

  • Only a select amount of cities participate in the Lyft passenger referral program.
  • $5 off 2 rides is the current benefit in Boston, but other cities may offer better discounts.
  • Passenger referral codes only work for new accounts.
  • Referral code must be entered prior to booking your first ride.
  • The ride credit is not redeemable for cash.
  • The ride credit is valid for 15 days after activation.
  • Cannot be combined with other ride credit or offers.

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