Stash: Give and Get $20 Sign-up Bonus

Stash is one app for all of your money needs.  Bank, save, invest, all with no minimums and no hidden fees!  Take advantage of the auto-stash feature and grow your fortune without lifting a finger.

To get your $20 bonus, follow these steps:

  • Use our link to get started
  • Answer a few questions to register your account
  • Then, connect your existing bank account following the steps provided in the app. 
    • For many banks, you can use your online log-in via Plaid (a secure system that many banks use to authenticate customers) or by having Stash make two small deposits. 
    • Plaid is instant, but the small deposits can take a few days. 
    • If you use the small deposits method, remember to confirm those two amounts within Stash as soon as possible.  If you don't complete this step, you won't receive any bonus, and that would be sad. 
  • Fund your new Stash Invest OR Stash Money Account with as little as a penny!  Yes, just a single penny, $0.01!
    • To transfer money into your account, click "Home" then either "Invest" or "Spend". 
    • Choose "Move Money", then "Transfer in".  You can select your bank and enter the amount you want to transfer ($0.01).  You can also set up a recurring transfer from this screen.
    • Note that as you sign up, Stash will pre-fill the form with higher transfer amounts (usually $50) and will choose recurring transfers by default.  This is because Stash wants to help you save more money!
    • Be sure to reduce the amount of your transfer and change the frequency or turn off recurring transfers to fit your needs.

Be quick!  This is a limited time offer.

But the bonuses don't stop there!  Join the weekly Stash Parties to get a partial share of great companies.  Simply visit on Thursdays at 4 PM, log in, and click "claim my stock". 

You can also earn fractional shares by using the Stash debit card.  Every qualifying purchase includes a bonus, but some companies give you extra.  For example, buy something from Amazon and get a piece of AMZN stock as a bonus!  These pieces accumulate over time and best yet, they GROW with the market!

Here are some of the fractional shares I've received.  These seem like tiny amounts today, but they add up and will grow over time.  Most of these came from signing into weekly Stash Parties.

Stash Free Stocks
Stash Free Stocks
Stash Free Stocks
Stash Free Stocks
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