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Cardpool provides a platform for you to buy pre-owned gift cards, discounted up to 35% off! 

If you order an e-Gift card, it will usually show up in your email a few minutes after you complete the purchase.  So while you're sitting at the restaurant, order the gift card.  Save 10% and use it to purchase your dinner.  The only thing better than cash is discounted cash!

Cardpool offers gift cards for many of your favorite discount stores, restaurants, and home improvement retailers.  In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find many major national chains without a presence on their site!  

You can also sell the gift cards you will never use.  It's the perfect outlet for all of those office-party gift cards to your least favorite mall store!  You don't want it, but someone else will pay you money for it, and that money is a gift card to everywhere!

To get started, sign up through our referral link and you'll earn a $7 credit toward your first purchase.  For each person you refer, you'll receive another $7 bonus!  You can refer up to 50 people a year, which is a great way to earn $350.  (Math is awesome!) 

Joining is free, so why not save a quick $7 plus a percentage discount on your next gift card?