Shopkick Signup Bonus Scam Warning

Posted by Mr. Bunny on

Mr. Bunny has previously recommended Shopkick, but recently had a bad experience. After collecting 7,008 kicks--supposedly enough for a $25 PayPal deposit--his account was suspended immediately and the payment was reversed. Mr. Bunny has reached out to Shopkick, but received no detailed explanation. Instead, he was told that he violated one of the four rules, but they gave no details.  Based on the rules they provided, he couldn't figure out which one he had violated.  He asked again for clarification, and was only told to review the rules.

We at MassKoupons now suggest that you proceed with caution if you wish to use Shopkick. Withdraw a gift card as soon as possible and save the value immediately. Mr. Bunny's friend was able to get a Starbucks gift card, deposit it via the app, and transfer it to a different card before they could cancel the transaction. His account was also suspended immediately after redeeming the gift card. 

The moral of the story is that Shopkick loves for you to check in and scan products, because that's how they make money from their partners.  However, as soon as you try to claim a reward, they apparently close your account. A quick Google search shows that we aren't the only ones to experience this. 

If you're looking for other options, look at:

So far, we haven't had any issues with them.

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