Easily Earn Amazon, Target, Lowe's, Walmart and Other Gift Cards with Fetch Rewards App

Fetch Rewards is an app that pays you to buy items from your favorite brands.  All you have to do is scan your grocery, hardware, pet, club, convenience, drug, or liquor store receipts. Get bonus points when you buy select items and turn those points into gift cards when you’ve reached $3.00 or more in savings. 

Fetch Rewards App Payment Proof:

 I’ve been getting paid by Fetch Rewards for several months now, here’re some more screenshots of gift cards I’ve received:

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Enter the code GM9HF before you scan your first receipt to receive a special bonus of 2000 points [$2 value].

TIP:  Tap the “Save” icon at the bottom to select bonus “special offers” and “brands” for extra points before uploading your receipts.  Some offers give points even if you don’t purchase the product!

Here are some popular stores that Fetch Rewards shoppers use to save every day. This is a mere sample of the thousands of stores you can save with, so scan every retail receipt and start saving today! Every Wednesday, new offers are released.

How Does it Work?

Fetch Rewards makes it easy to save on your everyday purchases by removing the limitations of other apps. No store limitations, no having to clip special offers, no worrying about missing out on savings. All you need to do is snap a picture of your receipt and points will be put into your account. It is that easy.

Fetch Rewards works for ANY grocery receipt because they work with brands, not stores. Take a picture of your receipt each time you purchase groceries and you'll earn points for every item you purchase from the 250+ popular brands in the app. Accumulate points and redeem them for free rewards to hundreds of popular retailers.

Scan Receipt
Scan your grocery receipt from any store. You can use receipts from grocery stores, convenience stores, drugstores, liquor stores and more.

Earn Points

Every time you purchase a product from one of their participating brands, you'll earn points. Don't worry about clipping special deals to save, they reward you for your everyday shopping.

Get Rewards 
As your points accumulate you can redeem them for FREE gift cards to hundreds of popular retailers!

Scan your receipt from ANY grocery store, club store, convenience store, drugstore, or liquor store, and you can earn rewards in seconds.

You can scan any grocery receipt with Fetch Rewards. They don’t limit the stores you can shop at because they know life is busy enough and you're looking for an easy way to save more every day. 

How do I add a referral code?

There is an opportunity to add a referral code when you first sign up and log into the application.

If a referral code was sent via text or with a link, the code must still be entered upon signing up. Clicking on the link will not automatically apply the referral code.

If you missed adding the referral code at sign up, you can still add it before you scan your first receipt. You can enter it by going to the Me tab at the bottom of the app and selecting Referral Code. On that page, you will be able to enter the code. You are unable to enter it after once you submit a receipt.

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